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    1. color Archives - Forex Meta Trader Indicators Catalogue. Форекс индикаторы

      • Forex Meta Trader Indicators Directory. Форекс индикаторы.
      • Indicator allow to draw second chart from another symbol on the same chart window, so you get two charts from different products in one...


    2. Color indicator for true/false works - how define ... - Power platform Community

      • If(approval=true; Color.Green; approval=false; Color.Red). How can i define a empty field as (Yellow)? I played around with "isempty" and "ifempty" but got no soloution.


    3. multi-color LED indicator? - Discussion Forums - National Instruments

      • I am looking for a LabView boolean indicator that is multi-colored - i.e. green if true, red if false. They don't seem to have this in Labview 5.1. Is this something that I would get if I updated to 6.0, or is there...


    4. True Colors

      • ...States, True Colors is a collection of flags generated from the 2016 American Community Survey.
      • You’ll find these familiar components in the flags of True Colors as well but their color, size, shape...


    5. Color stochastic with alerts - Forex Meta Trader Indicators Catalogue. Форекс индикаторы

      • Forex Meta Trader Indicators Directory. Форекс индикаторы.
      • Indicator draws overbought and oversold areas in different colors, also draws arrows where stochastic change it direction in...


    6. True Trendline: an indicator based on patterns | Three Touch TL Color. Color of the three-touch" line.

      • True Trendline indicator has been developed in order to facilitate this task, as this indicator
      • If you disable this function, all lines marked in the same way. Normal TL. Color display of the short-term line.


    7. Is there anyway of changing a Comment Indicator colour? Thanks | Forum

      • If by "Comment Indicator color" you mean the small red triangle in the upper right corner of the comment-containing cell (as opposed to the comment shape that holds the comment text) then no...


    8. Candle Color - Indicator

      • This indicator detects Bullish and Bearish candles. It takes two parameters: minimum body height and minimum consecutive candles.
      • SlotType=slotType; IndicatorName="Candle Color"


    9. Average True Range (ATR) Indicator for cAlgo forex trading

      • This Average True Range is based on the True Range Indicator provided by cTrader / cAlgo and has been overlayed with a simple Moving average. It is valid for all time frames and the period can be...


    10. How to use Average True Range Indicator - YouTube

      • Calculating the Average True Range The true range was developed by J. Welles Wilder to address
      • True range is the largest value found by solving the following three equations: TR = H -- L TR = H...