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  1. metastocktools.com/MetaStock/ADX.txt

    • MetaStock's native ADX plots erratic ADX values as periods are increased. e.g., compare this formula (50pds) to MS's ADX(50).


  2. Metastock Formulas - A | ADX with Stochastic Signals

    • ADX with Stochastic Signals Alligator Indicators Alligator System Modifications Anti Trigger- LB Raschke (For Metastock v6.5) Are There Weekly Patterns in the Stock Market?


  3. Pages - By Katey Bhayani

    • ADX INDICATOR FOR METASTOCK may not make exciting reading, but ADX INDICATOR FOR METASTOCK is packed with valuable instructions, information and warnings.


  4. ADX indicator - MetaStock - Discussions - MetaStock Online Community | Forum

    • The MetaStock ADX function returns integers only. It's also flawed in that the results become more unrealistic as the Periods parameter increases.


  5. Metastock Indicators Index - investors trading strategies

    • Metastock Indicators Formula Index. Click to view indicator. To modify a formula click the Change button.
    • ADX with Stochastic Signals.


  6. MetaStock ADX vs. RealTick ADX

    • The MetaStock ADX is nearly a flat line, and begins 28 days after the start of the data (for a 14-period ADX). It looks like it's being smoothed a second time.


  7. ADX +DI -DI formula required - Formula Assistance - Discussions - MetaStock Online Community | Forum

    • As far as writing this in metastock language I'm lost.
    • adx(x) > ref(adx(x),-1) for today adx is greater than yesterday adx, ie today is rising.


  8. Free Metastock Indicators Formula

    • ADX Raw - Metastock Indicator Formula By Equis International Metastock Indicators and published in the Oct99 TASC.


  9. ADX Cluster - Formula Assistance - Discussions - MetaStock Online Community | Forum

    • I am new to MetaStock and this forum.
    • My question is; shouldn't the value of all three ADX lines for the stocks returned have the same numbers and all be below 30?


  10. MetaStock™ Zone - ADX - Rising - Trader-Online.tk

    • * To: "MetaStock Listserver" <metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> * Subject: RE: ADX rising...
    • It accomplishes the same thing, in another way, and I don't have to type ADX(14) so many times. <grin>.


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