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    1. Bull and Bear Market Cross Correlation - Application Center

      • Cross Correlation SP-500 Monthly (2003-2009)-Bull. We start by loading our dataset and calculating returns.
      • Cross Correlation SP-500 Monthly (2007-2009)-Bear.


    2. Membership Levels – Signal Trading Group | Mini Watch List Rocket, Bull Dip, Submarine and Bear Hump

      • Correlation Studies Dynamic Weekly & Monthly Correlation and Directional Comparison with the S&P 500.
      • Extended Watch List Master Watch List, Rocket, Bull Dip, Submarine, Bear Hump, Seasonally...


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    4. Rui Albuquerque † , Martin Eichenbaum

      • We nd that there is a high correlation between stock returns and fundamentals across bull and bear episodes. This correlation is much higher than the analogous time-series correlations.


    5. Bull and Bear Market Cross Correlation - Application Center

      • Bull and Bear Market Cross Correlation.


    6. National Firearms Dealer's Network

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    7. Bull vs Bear Market Definitions & Strategy | Rule #1 Investing

      Phil Town discusses how bull markets happen when the market is going up aggressively over a period of time, while a bear market is just the opposite.


    8. Banking Profits In Bull And Bear Markets

      • How to Spot Bear and Bull Markets Markets trade in cycles, which means that most investors will
      • this could be considered a negative correlation, and a major correction or a bear market is likely.


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      • KEM Bull Terriers.


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      • Correlation in Hydrocarbon Exploration...