Например: cross(d,k) d:= mov( stoch

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  2. MetaStock Stochastic Oscillator Function | SYNTAX Stoch(%k Periods, %k Slowing)

    • Therefore if we wish to use the %D line, we will need to use the following: Mov(Stoch(%k Periods, %k Slowing),3,S). EXAMPLE.
    • Stoch(8,3)>20 AND Ref(Stoch(8,3),-1)<20 {This could also be achieved with the Cross function).


  3. Fast Stochastic vs Slow Stochastic - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

    • The slow stochastic oscillator (or Stoch %D) calculates the simple moving average of the Stoch %K statistic across s periods .
    • The first involves crossing of %K and %D signals, the second involves basing buy and sell decisions on the assumption that %K and %D oscillate.


  4. Super Stoch — indicator script by Quicksilver80 / 2016-05-21 | TradingView

    • Super Stoch — indicator script for financial charts by Quicksilver80 (2016-05-21). TradingView — best indicators and trading scripts on a financial
    • title="Stoch1 Strict Crossing Background Hi-Lights?") sl1 = input(true, title="Stoch1 Strict Crossing Display 'B' and 'S'?") sac1 = input(false, title="Stoch1 All...


  5. cute18list.com/gallx/galleries.php

    • LOLiz Models 13 movs.


  6. MTF_Stoch_FibBreak_1.3 - Desynced Forex MT4 Indicators and Expert Advisors Repository

    • property indicator_separate_window #property indicator_minimum 0 #property indicator_maximum 100 #property indicator_buffers 4 #property indicator_color1 Blue //Stoch 5,3,3 #property indicator_color2 Red //Stoch 14,3,3 #property indicator_style2
    • Alert(AlertPrefix+"Both Stochs cross down 23.6%")


  7. Stochastic (STOCH) - Tradingview Wiki

    The Stochastic Oscillator (STOCH) is a range bound momentum oscillator. The Stochastic indicator is designed to display the location of the close compared to the high/low range over a user defined number of periods.Typically, the Stochastic Oscillator is used for three things...


  8. Stochastic Cross EA @ Forex Factory | Forum

    • Is there an alert signal for when the two stochs lines (K & D) cross within set levels? The indicator only fires a signal when the levels are broken (80/20 being the default setting). Thanks George.


  9. Metastock Formulas - S | Stoch RSI

    • (Go Top). Stoch RSI. Although I keep the best of the bunch as a "super secret" for friends, relatives, and clients ... here is a smattering of formulae that might be useful.
    • LookBack := Input("Look Back Periods",1,1000,10); Resistance :=ValueWhen(1,Cross(Mov(C, LookBack, S),C),HHV(H, LookBack)...


  10. TinyTyler.com - You won't believe I'm legal!

    All models are 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction. Custodian of Records (18 U.S.C. 2257).


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