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    1. FX Friday | Forum

      • So, anyone trading the FX Friday system yet? Please share your feedback. Also, at what time do we need to trade this system on friday?


    2. FX Friday - Page 2 | Forum

      • Regardless, there's a 60 day moneyback guarantee with FX Friday so if it does turn out to be crap they'll be getting a lot of returns!


    3. FX Friday - Page 6 | Forum

      • I'm still waiting for the first official "results" email for FX Friday. Is going to be a bit pointless though because it will be easy for the official results to be massaged.


    4. FX Friday - Page 5 | Forum

      • The publisher of FX Friday has been very clever with the sales letter in that it uses the term "payout" instead of "profit". The 2 are not the same thing, but when you are reading through the letter and seeing ££££ signs before your eyes it's easy to...


    5. Systems For Traders | FX Friday Review – Lee Moore | Forum

      • Home›Forums›Reviews›Forex Trading System Reviews›FX Friday Review – Lee Moore. Tagged: Agora, Fixed Odds, Forex Trading System, Lee Moore, Set Time.


    6. FX Friday - Page 3 | Forum

      • Anyone joining in over at systemsfortraders - p/w protected forum so strategy can be openly discussed ? They claim to be reviewing this in real time with their...


    7. FX Friday - Page 7 | Forum

      • ...to think the system is a waste of time, already had one loser and now 2 no trade weeks, it doesn't even improve your knowledge and understanding of either FX or
      • I am an absolute old fart beginner at this but is it possible to "back test" this system using the closing figures on Friday as a consistent benchmark?


    8. FX Friday - Page 9 | Forum

      • Yes I also got a refund no problem with Agora.
      • Quote: Originally Posted by everydaytrader Yes I also got a refund no problem...


    9. FX Friday: The Death Star II | FireflyShipWorks

      • And The FX Company built one – from scratch. Remember how I said we’d make good on last week’s lack of an FX Friday?


    10. FX abbreviation stands for Friday experience

      • FX means Friday experience. What does FX stand for?
      • FX stands for Friday experience (also Foreign Exchange and 70 more).