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  1. metastocktools.com/MetaStock/MACD.txt

    • MetaStock -> Tools -> Indicator Builder -> New Copy and paste formula
    • EMA periods",2,2520,252); pds3:= Input("MACD trigger signal periods",1,252,9); pds4:=Input("normalizing periods (1=none)", 1...


  2. metastocktools.com/MetaStock/MACD-osc.txt

    • MetaStock -> Tools -> Indicator Builder -> New Copy and paste formulae
    • Stochastic-normalized MACD v2.0 Incorporating auto overbought/sold levels.


  3. MetaStock™ Zone - 4MACD - Trader-Online.tk

    • Here is how I construct my MetaStock version of Robert Cumming's 4MACD.
    • Below are the formulas for 4 different MACD indicators (MACDBlue, MACDRed, MACDYellow, and MACDGreen).


  4. MetaStock MACD - eSignal Trading Forum - Discussion on eSignal Trading Platform, Trading Strategies and Tools

    • No announcement yet. MetaStock MACD.
    • I'm a bit confused as to how to set up the histogram and the moving averages.


  5. Metastock Formulas - M

    • MACD Additions MACD Crossover Buy Signal MACD Crossover System test in MetaStock, an example of how to create MACD Custom MACD Histogram Divergence MACD Offset MACD Tops...


  6. Traderji.com - Metastock MACD Exp. Advisor and 4x

    • Re: Metastock MACD Exp. Advisor and 4x. If you are interested to trade with simplicity with the help of MACD, you can follow the SWINGS generated by the "Histogram" in first place.


  7. Free Metastock Indicators Formula | Zero Lag MACD - Metastock Indicator Formula by Peter Martin alakazam@bigpond.com

    • MACD Histogram - Metastock Indicator Formula By MetaStock Programming Study Guide. MACD()-Mov(MACD(),9,E);0.


  8. Formule - Metastock | Technical Analysis | Aggregate (Rocket Family)

    • FmlVar("FT-DBP".S)> Mov(Mov(C. For example."DBC").S). {created by Adam Hefner 9-1-99} EXAMPLE OF HOW TO CREATE A MACD Crossover SYSTEM TEST IN MetaStock Enter Long...


  9. Metastock to MT4 - Forex TSD Trading Strategies, Software and Brokers Forum - Page 3

    • Metastock code on the other hand is a system of 2 EMAs. Use MACD(20,21,1) and than the Buy and Sell signals would be when MACD line cross 0 line.


  10. Free Metastock Explorer Formulas | Bottom Reversal Close Above Median Price Higher Closes High Volume Equis' Price & Volume MACD Crossover Buy Signal Stocks Closing Above 60 Day Highs Long Term Up Trend & Short Term Re-Entry Signals Moving Average Crossover - Bullish RSC Exploration Coding Turtle's Traders Entry System

    • MACD Crossover Buy Signal - Metastock Formula. Shows those stocks where an MACD crossover has been signalled.The search returns 1 for Ok and 0 for not ok.


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