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  1. Free Metastock Explorer Formulas

    • Equis' Price & Volume - Metastock Formula By Equis International Metastock Explorers.
    • change ROC(CLOSE,1,percent) Col D: Volume VOLUME Col E: M.A. Mov(VOLUME,50,EXPONENTIAL) Col...


  2. Free Metastock Indicators Formula

    • Short-Long; Mov(Short-Long,Trigger,E); 0
    • Back to top. Highest High - Metastock Indicator Formula By MetaStock Programming Study Guide.


  3. Metastock Formulas - A

    • These MetaStock formula pages contain a list of some of the most useful free Metastock formulas
    • {Functions used in Lower Screen}. StochRed := Stoch( 9, 7 ) StochLagging : = Mov( StochRed, 7, S ).


  4. Metastock Formulas - K | Formula: MOV((H+L+C)/3,10, S) - MOV((H-L),10, S)

    • Metastock Formulas - K Click here to go back to Metastock Formula Index.
    • The Fast Kurtosis(FK) is mov(K,66,E) mov(mo(3)-ref(mo(3),-1,66,E). Which is the Kurtosis smoothed with a 66 period...


  5. Metastock Formulas - B

    • The basic idea behind a MetaStock binary wave is to use "if" statements on several MetaStock
    • Close Long Fml("Tema Binary Wave Comp") < -opt1 AND Tema(Qstick(34),34) < 0 AND LLV(Mov(L...


  6. Metastock Formulas - P | Enter Short Mov(C,6, S) < Ref(Mov(C,6, S),-1) AND Mov(P,3, S) < Mov(P,25, S) AND Alert(Cross(Mov(C,18, S), Mov(C,9, S)),10)

    • These MetaStock formula pages contain a list of some of the most useful free Metastock formulas


  7. Metastock Formulas - T

    • in MetaStock, from "JimG". There are really two different ways to use these formulas.
    • Tv+Bot-Ref(Bot,-1))); TOSC:=RMTA-Mov(Tv,lb,E); TOSC


  8. Metastock Formulas - V

    • It's actually available in MetaStock as the Variable Moving Average (Mov(C,n,V) but Equis, for their own inscrutable reasons, choose not to identify it by name.


  9. Metastock Formulas - M

    • The formula is Cum(Mov(C,19,E) - Mov(C,39,E)). (Go Top). Metastock % Bands Revised. I found a problem with the %Bands formulas posted yesterday.


  10. What is the MetaStock Formula Language

    • It is patterned after popular spreadsheet languages. In its simplest form, the MetaStock formula language is comprised of high-level functions (e.g., mov(), rsi(), abs() ), mathematical operators (e.g...


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