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  1. MetaStock Value When Function | SYNTAX ValueWhen(Nth, Expression, Data Array)

    • ValueWhen(1,Cross(Mov(C,8,S),Mov(C,21,S)),C).
    • "Discover The Simple Secret to Make Metastock Easy & Identify Profitable Trades".


  2. Valuewhen - Formula Assistance - Discussions - MetaStock Online Community | Forum

    • Under MA1, MA2 or MA3 why would you use Valuewhen function when just using as below gives the same result ?
    • Instruction and Webinar Sessions --- MetaStock Online User Group Archives...


  3. Super slow ValueWhen/Prev - Basic Coding Techniques - Discussions - MetaStock Online Community | Forum

    • Hi Data. I’ve never heard of ValueWhen() slowing MetaStock down but I certainly know about PREV having that effect. The P variable (INDICATOR is it’s other name)...


  4. Metastock Formulas - W

    • These MetaStock formula pages contain a list of some of the most useful free Metastock formulas available.
    • ((ValueWhen(1,sw>0,HHigh)+ ValueWhen(2,sw>0,HHigh)+ ValueWhen(3,sw>0,HHigh))


  5. metastocktools.com/MetaStock/DailyOHLC.txt

    • MetaStock -> Tools -> Indicator Builder -> New -> copy & paste complete formula
    • Day's High } Hi:=HighestSince(1,SOD,H); dHi:=If(pds=1,Hi,ValueWhen(1,SOD,Ref(Hi,-1))); dHi:=ValueWhen(1...


  6. Программы для трейдеров -MetaStock - С 2004 года обучаем трейдеров и инвесторов

    • После процесса перезагрузки MetaStock будет установлен. Когда вы хотите установить
    • 1,1,0); procent.trades:=If(first=1, -Com,0)+ If(next=1,100*(C*(100-com)/100 -ValueWhen(1,first=1,C)...


  7. Metastock Formulae | { previous complete (static) negative cycle } x:=FmlVar("ZigZag Cycle Length","CYCLEDW"); -ValueWhen(1, x<>0, x) Column F: TotalPrv { total last complete (static) full cycle } x:=FmlVar("ZigZag Cycle Length","CYCLEUP"); y:=FmlVar("ZigZag Cycle Length","CYCLEDW"); ValueWhen(1, x<>0, x)+ValueWhen(1, y<>0, y) Filter: { Today's data date, user-input section } day:= 6; { current day of month (1~31) }

    • LoValB:=Lowest(ValueWhen(1. but a few further MetaStock nuances can add to the value of the information you've uncovered.C. dateB:=Year()=2004 AND Month()=6.dateB.price2...


  8. MetaStock Tips & Tools

    • Nevertheless, the conversion of many Metastock indicators to the Multi-Frame format has just gotten a whole lot easier.
    • LastValue(A); I:=ValueWhen(1,F.


  9. Free Metastock Indicators Formula

    • Dr Elder's Force Index - Metastock Indicator Formula by MetaStock Programming Study Guide.
    • Scl=1,L), {else}0); {Trend Direction} Td:=If(H>ValueWhen(1,Pv>0,Pv), {then}1, {else}If(L<ValueWhen...


  10. Metastock Formulas - S 1

    • In MetaStock 6.5, or higher, you can easily create this system. With MetaStock running choose
    • { trend support/resistance levels } STCI:=If(flag,ValueWhen(1,signals,L*(1-buffer)), ValueWhen(1...


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