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    1. [РЕШЕНО] zigzag with swing gann ninjatrader - 10 способов решения проблемы

      • Keep the ZigZag/Swing and then have one that just plots accumulated volume. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. ninjatrader.com.
      • I noticed that on the platform does not exist Gann Swing or Zig Zag indicators, I use on the metatrader platform.


    2. need help of swing or zigzag indicators. - NinjaTrader Support Forum

      • Keep the ZigZag/Swing and then have one that just plots accumulated volume.
      • Welcome to the NinjaTrader Support Forum! My colleague will follow up with you on your original post.


    3. NinjaTrader 8


    4. PriceActionSwing discussion - NinjaTrader | futures io social day trading

      • Germany (Meck-Pomm). Futures Experience: Advanced. Platform: NinjaTrader. Posts: 110 since Jun 2009. Thanks: 54 given, 992 received.
      • The "Gann" type is calculated based on Gann's rules for swings.


    5. Best NinjaTrader Indicator for Elliot Wave | Swing Zig Zag

      • The best Zig Zag indicator for NinjaTrader day trading software.
      • This powerful analysis and drawing tool is perfect for ZigZag swing calculation, historical strategy entry/exit distance calculation, and manual/automatic wave counting.


    6. ZigZag777.com - Онлайн казино, Игровые автоматы, Онлайн ..

      Not found.

      • ZigZag777 Casino.


    7. Modify Swing High/Low Indicator - NinjaTrader Support Forum

      • The Swing indicator uses a 'lastHighCache' and 'lastLowCache' to determine it's swing points.
      • Sounds simple enough, but none of the Swing/ZigZag indicators available seem to do the job.


    8. Swing High/Low and Zig Zag Indicators - NinjaTrader Support Forum

      • There is an impressive set of indicators available in NinjaTrader but noticably absent are any price retracement type indicators such as
      • Typically, these indicators will also output the swing/zigzag high/low value as well as the number of bars ago the high/low value occured.


    9. How To Use Gann Indicators

      • (For background reading, see A Discussion of Gann or The Gann Studies) Basic Elements of Gann Theory Gann angles are a popular analysis and trading tool that are used to measure key elements, such as pattern, price and time.


    10. Help with modifying the Stock ZigZag indicator. - Page 2 - NinjaTrader Support Forum

      • It's there mainly to show that the best way to get meaningful historical swing/zig zag values is with those functions .HighBar and .SwingHighBar.
      • Bars.BarsSinceSession makes a suitable lookback for this, and can work with return value of -1 at the point no ZigZag highs are found.